Kydnav is also known as Petri van Dijk. As a little girl I had always been interested in music and sounds in general and after some experimenting I got my first bass guitar at age 15. This gradually led to a growing interest in the technological aspects of sounds. I am currently a third year Sound Design student at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

My main focus lies with sound to accompany visuals, mainly for film, tv, animation and art installations.

My other interests include ‘free sound': a more experimental approach to making music and composing sounds. For this, I combine acoustic sounds with digital elements to create a new, vibrant sound. I have found this approach to be a great way to create soundscapes and various abstract pieces.

Besides this, I have found that being a bass player helps me throughout my work – be it in the regular acoustic way, or in a more experimental application of the instrument and its tonal qualities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail using the form on my contact page.